Our service is our bond with our clients. Their cause is as much ours as it is theirs. We advance their interest best by being their partner in navigating fast-changing global realities and modern legal complexities with faith in the legal system as our compass and the time-tested values of excellence, uncompromising integrity and speed as our core.

Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Leaño Law Offices (Platon Martinez) is a full-service law firm with extensive general practice in all aspects of litigation and business transactions. We serve the needs of a diverse client base from various industries, providing effective advocacy and comprehensive and integrated solutions in most areas of business development.

Our practice embraces all areas of law that affect both local and foreign individuals and entities, as well as a broad array of industries.

Our Partners and Associates are recruited from the best schools, come trained in multiple disciplines based on theories and experience, and are always at hand to attend to our clients’ best interests.

“Our clients’ cause is as much ours as it is theirs.” Our collaborative approach in meeting our clients’ needs ensures that they benefit fully from the collective experience of our lawyers. This method guarantees an efficient, prompt, cost-effective and complete solution to a wide range of legal and business concerns.