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Latest 2024 Notification Thresholds for Mergers and Acquisitions under the Philippine Competition Act (as of 01 March 2024)

In PCC Press Release dated 1 March 2024, the Philippine Competition Commission modified and increased the notification thresholds for mergers and acquisitions.

MC No. 18-001

PCC Advisory No. 2019-001

Commission Resolution

No. 02-2020

MC No. 04-2023

Press Release dated 1 March 2024

Size of Party

Exceeds Five Billion Pesos


Exceeds Five Billion Six Hundred Million Pesos


Exceeds Six Billion Pesos (Php6,000,000,000)

Exceeds Seven Billion Pesos (Php7,000,000,000)

Exceeds Seven Billion Eight Hundred Million Pesos (Php7,800,000,000)

Size of Transaction

Exceeds Two Billion Pesos


Exceeds Two Billion Two Hundred Million Pesos


Exceeds Two Billion Four Hundred Million Pesos (Php2,400,000,000)

Exceeds Two Billion Nine Hundred Million Pesos (Php2,900,000,000)

Exceeds Three Billion Two Hundred Million Pesos (Php3,200,000,000)

Date of Effectivity

01 March 2018

01 March 2019

01 March 2020

01 March 2023

01 March 2024

Parties to a merger or acquisition shall be required to notify in compliance with Section 17 of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) when the above adjusted Size of Party and Size of Transaction thresholds are met.

The adjusted threshold for Size of Transaction shall also apply to joint venture transactions.

Click here to read the Press Release dated 1 March 2024.

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